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Talent Concept
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Thank you for browsing the recruitment information of Tecom. If you focus on our information and intend to become a member of the company, we will sincerely welcome you!
Tecom puts an emphasis on “people-oriented, bring talents into full play” and adheres to the employment principle of “fair, open and just”. It has established a complete set of the employment mechanism and, from staff recruitment, training, performance appraisal to the enterprise culture construction, it always pays special attention to the integration of the internal training and external introduction of talents, provides equal opportunity for the training and development of staff, and constantly improves the incentive and constraint mechanism.
The performance management of Tecom strengthens self-discipline and emphasizes the responsibility-oriented value to establish a self-motivation, self-management and self-restraint mechanism. Through the constant goal-setting, coaching, assessment and feedbacks conducted between managers and employees, improve the performance and ability of staff.
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